Proposed by: FITT

Promoting and Booking System for Events Held in Youth Centers in Timișoara

Starting from the 12th of August, 5 new spaces will be set up in different neighbourhoods of the city. These spaces will be dedicated to cultural events, such as theatre concerts, film screenings and various trainings and workshops.

Monitoring and Optimisation System for Current Resource Consumption in the Timiș County Youth Foundation Building

Data Collection and Analysis System for People Transmitting in and out of Buildings

The system should be able to make recommendations such as which days are better for organising events, volume of people depending on time intervals and so on, based on the analysis made.

Resource Sharing Application

A platform where people, NGOs, institutions, or private businesses can register with the resources they can offer for free in order to organise cultural or educational events for the community.

Those who are registered have the opportunity to upload resources (equipment, spaces, human resources, transport, etc.) and at the same time can make a booking request for a specific place / event. The resource request must be approved - to be sure it is a nonprofit event

Proposed by: Continental

Traffic Jam Map Based on Car Sensors

Many drivers like to report the traffic jam into the app in order to be useful for other users. This can be done directly by the car using the sensors. In this way we can automatically create an online traffic jam map.

Driving Profile Manager Using Car Sensors

Have you ever evaluated your own driving style not being subjective? Now is the time to let an app to do it objectively. This can be done based on the sensors from the vehicle which collect the driving parameters and send it to an app in order to create your driving profile.

System for Providing Cleaner Air in Cars

Driving in an unpleasant scented area or close to a highly polluting vehicle is not pleasant. It would be great to know this in advance, in order to avoid the zone or close the windows.

Corner Visibility System

Getting in the intersection without clear and complete visibility can be very risky. We want to create a system that will solve this problem in situations where the driver's view is obstructed.

Smart Parking System

Parking in small parking places can be a challenge. It would be great to get the experience of the previous drivers who already parked there in order to simplify your parking experience.

Emergency Vehicles Support System

When they are in a mission, every second in traffic counts for the ambulance, firetruck and police car. A system that will decongest the road in advance and provide a clearer way for the emergency vehicles could be a solution for smarter cities.

Road Condition Warning System

Dangerous roads are frightening experiences for any driver. We want to adjust the car behavior in the cases when the road presents a higher risk of accidents due to temporary bad weather conditions.

System for Increasing Safety for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Pedestrians and cyclists are sometime hard to be noticed by drivers, especially during the night and in bad weather conditions. We want to create a system that will allow pedestrians and cyclists to be highlighted to the cars around, relative to their presence and position.

Road Slipperiness Detection and Warning System

It is important to know in advance about slippery roads. We want to build a system that automatically detects and shares this information with other vehicles.

Proposed by: SafeFleet

Elections Candidates Aggregator
City Zoning App
How’s My City Doing?
Smart Laws Search Engine
Volunteering Social Network
Free Parking Spots Estimator

Proposed by: Visma

Green Environment
Apps that Solve Administrative Issues (traffic, political, etc)
Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season