UniHack 2019 Projects
* Finalist project
Team: MoveOut Inc
Tracks: Best Web App Smart Mobility

A web application that makes it easier to find areas of a city that correspond to your personal preference. It is based around Django for the back-end and we are using the highly customizable library leafletjs that is built around OpenStreet Map for the map itself

Team: Smart Collectors
Tracks: Smart Mobility Best Web App Best Mobile App Best Hardware Project

A system for monitoring the trash bins in a city, to know when to send the garbage trucks after them, using a hardware sensor, a web app and a mobile app

Team: Karen
Tracks: Smart Mobility Best Web App

A web-based platform to survey and investigate interest points around an area using drones. Empowers the local community to resolve the issues found. We used java with spring, angular, python and a little bit of machine learning and image processing.

Team: Convoluționarii
Tracks: Best Mobile App Smart Mobility

Control your surroundings with just your hand. Using a real-time recurrent deep architecture, our Temporal Relation Neural Network model learned intuitive and interpretable visual common sense knowledge. Whether you want to navigate maps, use your phone or control your car system, dynamic hand gestures are the perfect alternative to voice control commands, which are often not optimal in noisy situations.

Team: Make Romania Great Again

An app that puts politicians and the people in contact.

Team: Team[TeamName]
Tracks: Smart Mobility Best Hardware Project Best Web App Best Mobile App

Pollution app at it's finest. We offer redundancy using CCTV cameras for intersections, inside air quality using indoor cameras, mobile app for end user that can guide him through non-polluted areas. Also, we have a reactive state of mind, this means that for every user that scores 100 points in our app we will plant a tree.

Integrated Transit Ticketing * - https://github.com/BodoMinea/noi.hackuim.cf
Team: noi.hackuim.cf
Tracks: Smart Mobility

The integrated transit ticketing system aims to allow for seamless payment for all kinds of transport: be it bus, tram, train, metro, maybe bike sharing and even cable car - if it takes you from A to B, then you could hypothetically pay with this system. This project uses technologies from all across the spectrum, from web and embedded systems, to mobile apps and databases, proof that there's no way a great project can limit itself to just a few languages and concepts.

Team: Ludo
Tracks: Best Web App

A platform for contributing to your favorite open-source projects through a bidding system based on currently open issues. The main purpose is to give developers incentives to start and continue working on their projects, the goal is mutual support and growth in all developer ecosystems. Written in JS with Node, Mongo and React.

Team: Huhurez Games
Tracks: Best Mobile App

Nightwalker este o aplicatie ce are ca scop de baza siguranta calatoriilor pe timp de noapte a utilizatorului.Aceasta aplicatie va ofera cea mai sigura ruta spre destinatia dorita prin diferite metode , cum ar fi :alegerea zonelor populate in care se afla magazine, zone aflate pe rute principale.Mai mult utilizatorii pot contribui asupra informatiilor despre rute prin comentarii sau alte modalitati.Aplicatia mai ofera conceptul unui mic asistent ce poate furniza diferite servici.

Team: Mafia

We make a desktop c# application with witch you can vote. We work separated on the frontend and the backend. The backend it is make in Python language.

Team: !goingToWin
Tracks: Best Web App

A certificate generator for universities' secretariat so that students can get their student's certificates faster

Team: Synapse
Tracks: Best Mobile App

App that finds volunteers for events.we use android studio sdk

Team: HolyGuns
Tracks: Best Web App

A smart parking application that allows you to see where you can park and a little game to test it.

Team: B1t0nes
Tracks: Best Web App Smart Mobility

This project was developed in Javascript, using Vue.js and Express.js. Its purpose is to optimize urban freight transport from the warehouses to the clients(major stores).

Team: LenauTech
Tracks: Best Web App Best Hardware Project

PLANT MONiTOR is a local-network based project, that shows you the status of all your plants and warns you when the environment gets nasty so that you can take action before your precious plants dry out.

Team: Symmetric Chaos
Tracks: Best Mobile App Best Web App

We Need care este o aplicatie pentru voluntariat care se bazeaza pe 3 parti : Needs ,GD(Good Deeds) si Helpers (Oameni care ajuta) .Aplicatia are un api facut de noi pentru bazele de date.Sistemul de logare este firebase pentru gestionarea mai usoara a userilor si pentru prezentare.

Team: Momir Sebastian

Basically Tinder with parties

Team: Steampunk Llamas
Tracks: Best Mobile App

It's an app that let's you select ingredients and based on your input you will get a list with some of the possible recipes that you can cook.

Team: The Avengers
Tracks: Smart Mobility Best Hardware Project

Smart Parking is a complex project consisting of two parts: the movement part wich is controlled by an Arduino Uno and the calculated trajectory (based on each frame analisys) for finding objects which is controlled by Raspberry Pi. We have used for coding Python (asisted by OpenCV) and Arduino.

Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season